Wudang Kung Fu: Fundamental Training


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Wudang Kung Fu Fundamentals Revealed

For thousands of years, the Wudang arts were kept secret from the outside world.

This DVD presents:

  • The fundamental training practices used on Wudang Mountain.
  • One-on-one lesson offers detailed instruction of a warm-up routine
  • The basic stances, punches, and kicks of Wudang Kung Fu.
  • The fundamental Wudang Kung Fu sequence is also taught with practical martial applications.
  • This program offers deep insight into traditional martial arts training, no matter what style you practice.

Wudang Mountain in central China is a physical and spiritual sanctuary. Covering over 300 square kilometers, it has 72 peaks, breathtaking lakes and rivers, and a forest with over 600 known medicinal herbs. Home to dozens of temples, it is the world’s largest Daoist center. Daoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy that teaches people to live a refined life, in harmony with nature.

The monks of Wudang Mountain centuries ago blended Daoist concepts with traditional Chinese fighting arts, integrating physical and spiritual practices, and internal-style Wudang Kung Fu was born. Wudang Kung Fu emphasizes flowing and agile movements, designed for self defense. It develops a strong root, proper body alignment, efficient movement, and a relaxed body and mind. Features performances by senior YMAA Instructors Nicholas C. Yang and Adison Martin.

Special Features:

  • Choice of Mandarin Chinese Narration with English Subtitles, or English Narration
  • Interactive Catalog with Previews of All YMAA Titles

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